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Meadheaven, Cultists, and Zombies?

Hosted my first DnD session this past Friday! The session itself ran a little more than 4 hours, which from what I read online is pretty standard for a one-off session. It was AWESOME. I chose our quest a few weeks ago from the Dungeon Masters Guild, an online platform where DMs share campaign content for free with other DMs. It is an incredible resource, and is largely pay what you can! So you can support the content other DMs have created, and explore the worlds they have created. We played Death Pit of Moloch, where the adventurers were tasked with finding why travelers were going missing. Our quest included five adventurers: Galbaghore, Glimmer, Baldrick, Christina, and Quinreil! As the DM, I was responsible for all non-playable characters (NPCs): Olly the herb seller, six goblins, four cultists, Crassus the Cult Leader, and six zombies.


I was not prepared for how exhausted I would feel after our first session. DMing takes a significant amount of creativity, and being able to create complex situations and stories on a moments notice. Tracking the gameplay of the characters, overseeing situations, and playing NPCs took so much more work than I was expecting. As mentioned in my last blog, my interest in DnD stemmed from The Adventure Zone. Listening to DnD is a completely different experience than playing. It is similar to watching basketball on television, and then expecting to be able to play at the same level. I was not ready.

Once we had started, I realized how under-prepared I was. P Having played only once before, I really had no concept of how much work a DM does before hand to take a campaign from mediocre to great. Designing situations, flushing out characters- hours and hours of work must be done prior to playing. Our next session in on February 15th, and I have to choose a new campaign and ensure that I am better prepared. I need to look into critical misses and hits. I also need to research more into battle stories, and how to build more creative descriptions, for the fun of both the players and myself! I realize now that I cannot rely solely on the content that other DMs have created, and as a DM it is my responsibility to be a creator!

I also want to share how grateful I am for Galbaghore, Glimmer, Bladrick, Christina, and Quinreil, who willingly sharing their Friday evenings with me as I work on this project. DnD is not a short game, and required a significant amount of commitment! I am so grateful for friends who are willing to join me on this journey. We have a hashtag on twitter for those who wish to follow along on our adventure, feel free to join us at #DnDPowerHour!

Session 1 Tweets

For this upcoming week, my goals are to:

  1. Choose our February 15th adventure, preferably with vampires (as requested).
  2. Research how to better describe critical hits and misses
  3. Look into scoring, and better understand how rolling works.

Overall, I would rate my first session a 6/10! I had a ton of fun, and I believe the adventurers did as well. I look forward to improving, and strengthening my skills.