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Book Creator

This week the tool I chose to explore was Book Creator.ย It is a free web program and app that allows people to create books with their own photos, media and content. I found the program itself a little confusing. To change the look of the page, you had to select theย Capture. Intuitively, I thought that this would be information, like a tutorial. I did not discover that it opened up the page tools until the end.

Once I played around, I found it really straight forward to use! I created a short book describing what I learned during out last DnD session with Harvey DMed! You can read my little book by clicking on the cover below!


As an educator, I think that this will be an amazing tool for both teachers and students alike! It is easy to use, accessible and free! Educators can build books with content and share information with their students. These books can incorporate visual media such as videos to aid in students learning. Students also can build books to share what they have learned through building books and sharing them with their peers! This book took me approximately an hour to complete, which included the time it took me to learn the program.

Overall, I think this program is going to be an amazing tool to utilize in the classroom!

4 thoughts on “Book Creator”

  1. Hey Megan,
    First of all, I love the book creator you used, it is so reader friendly! This documentation was a great idea. I also want to say I really enjoyed the idea of you and Harvey switching places of DM and players. Itโ€™s like teaching, you may think you are doing a great job but it is not until you are sitting from the student perspective until you truly understand if you are doing as great of a job as you may think. Also, after viewing a book created by using Book Creator and finding out it only took an hour to create, makes this sound like a great tool to utilize in the classroom. Keep up the good work with your learning project!
    Until next time,


  2. This is such a cool idea for an app! Would be amazing to get students directly involved in the process like you said! It is unfortunate that it wasn’t the easiest to use but maybe with more practice you could get used to it!


  3. Hi Megan,

    Once again, great post! The little book icon that’s linked to your book page is really neat! I like that it is an actual icon of your book rather than a hyper link. You’ll have to show me how you set that up. The book you created is super cool! from a reader stand point it was simple to navigate and easy to read. I especially like that you can include your own images and videos! You mentioned that you thought it would be a cool activity to do with students and I have to agree. When I was in high school my creative writing teacher had us make our own books using power points. It was a great lesson but would have been way cooler with the user of an actual book creator. During one of our EDTC 400 class, several students also led us in a mini lesson using a book creator software called Story Jumper. It worked really well and could be used with younger grades as well! Virtual book creators are great resources!

    Awesome work!


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