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DnD Power Hour

You wake up, and nothing around you is as it seems. The memories start to come back- at first slowly, then all at once. You chose to embark on a new adventure for #EDTC300. You agreed to become a Dungeon Master, to lead your friends on extravagant journeys through fantasy world of your design. You embark on this expedition, having only been an adventurer yourself for a very short time. Why you think you can succeed at this task after one short arch, you don’t know. Is it pride? Overconfidence? It’s to late, your adventure begins now.

Choosing my #EDTC300 learning project was difficult, because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to learn something fun, useful, or practical. I was torn between Dungeon Master (DM), cheese making, and learning Cree. Finally, I decided on DMing. Work is academic, and takes a lot of brain space. School is academic and takes a lot of brain space. So after much deliberation, I decided on DnD. It would give me a good excuse to take a step away from being “on” all the time, and force me into much needed laughs and socialization. I have friends who committed to meeting every other week to play, giving me time in between to research. An added bonus is that there are SO MANY online resources that learning this new skill should cost me very little.


I have spent the last week or so sorting through resources and building a clear “Things a DM needs” list. I have found some awesome online resources on WikiHow and GeekandSundry. Both sights took some reading, but where very informative. Both sites recommended locating a Players Handbook, A Dungeon Masters Guide, and a Monster Manual. So off I went…

After perusing Amazon, I found the books were $36, $58 and $58 respectively. One goal of this project was to complete it spending the least amount of money possible, purchasing these book was not an option. So to the library I went! The Regina Public Library has incredible resources that are all accessible online. So I searched their website and found all three books I needed! A couple clicks of the mouse, and they were ready to pick up the next day at my local branch. The fact that library cards are free to everyone who lives in Saskatchewan makes utilizing this resource so accessible for everyone!

My friends and I were able to get together and build characters, which in an extensive process, but necessary to do before you are able to play. Character are built by each player, and are so unique. We have a Dragonborn Paladin, a High Elf Druid, a Gnome Rogue, and a Dragonborn Bard. This diverse set of characters is well balanced, as any campaign should be. There are healers, people with strong magic, and the classic brutes. I can’t wait to see them work through the campaign I have planned!

Our next meeting is February 1st, and we will play our first campaign then. The adventures will travel to Hollow Rock, where they will meet a murderous group of cultists who want nothing more than to build their undead army. Will our adventures be able to defeat them? Or will they be doomed to join the party of the undead. Find out February 1st at #DnDPowerHour!


4 thoughts on “DnD Power Hour”

  1. Hey Megan!
    You had a tough decision to make for your learning project, but I think you chose wisely! I love games but have never heard of Dungeon Master. It sounds and looks epic! Must be quite the game seeing as it will take you several weeks to learn. That’s crazy! Not too sure if there is a similarity, but my favourite game is Catan. If you haven’t played Catan, the best way to describe it would be that it is the combination of Monopoly and Risk. Anyways, I am looking forward to following you along on your Learning Project!

    Talk to you next week!


  2. It is always a good choice to pick something fun to learn. It makes it so much easier. I’ve read a little about DnD, enough to know the baiscs, but I’ve never played it ‘watched it done’ before. I would love to watch a live-stream or recording to see your newly learned skills and see how it works!


  3. I can’t wait to hear of the adventures your party has in store for them. I have played DND a few times and have had forgiving DMs, and malevolent ones. Only time will tell which you will become. One piece of advice, have your players take their own notes about what has been going on, makes it much easier to pick up where you left off.


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