Launching into EDTC300

Hi! I’m Megan. It’s nice to e-meet you!

I am 1st year BEAD student, with a BASc in Biological Science & Psychology with a “special interest” (because I couldn’t officially minor) in gender and sexuality. I like to read sci-fi fantasy books, learn about science, and have recently started watching pokemon on Netflix. I haven’t seen anything after the Indigo League- so it’s been fun!

Bork! Bork bork bork. Bork snuff bork bork. Bork. Snuff snuff BORK.
(Hi I am Chili, pictured above. I am almost 7 and am Megan’s trusty sidekick. I like snacks, walks, and butt scratches. My mom adopted me last April after I spent a long time in foster care, so it is my duty to protect my new house from the evil cars and devil doggos that DARE walk past. So be warned, I have a loud BORK (but no bite). Nice to meet you too!)

I am currently the Program Coordinator for the EYES program at the University of Regina. I started my position two and a half years ago, and realized that we have not had a trained educator act as Program Coordinator in more than 10 years. As a program who aims to educate youth in engineering and science, I decided to come back to school and learn how to teach! So here we are.

I love using technology in a teach capacity. As part of my role with EYES, I am very fortunate to work with things like: wordpress, Scratch, TinkerCAD, HourofCode, Ozobots, EdisonBots, 3D Printers, Google Expeditions VR, and so much more. I truly believe that it is absolutely imperative that educators utilize technology in classrooms- as it is our duty to prepare youth for the future. Refusing to use technology is ignorant to the fact that our youth do not know a world without it. They have had smart devices at their fingertips for their entire lives. It is our job to prepare them for a workforce that utilizes complex technologies and code, even if this means we need to step outside of our comfort zones and learn something big and scary- like coding!

Blogging is new to me, I had never done it before last semester. I am looking forward to learning more about it’s significance in an educational context. Having a scientific background- I find talking about thoughts and feelings in an educational capacity very very weird, and I definitely have to overcome my own mindset. But I believe that this will provide new insights as an educator.

Thanks for reading!
Megan M.

Twitter: @MeganLinMoore
YouTube: Megan Moore



2 thoughts on “Launching into EDTC300”

  1. Nice to meet you Megan (and Chili)! It sounds like you have gained quite a bit of experience with technology from your role with EYES. This will surely help you as you make your way through EDTC 300. I look forward to following you along on this journey as we gain new insights, perspectives, and understandings on the topic of education technology!



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